The 7 Best Animated Characters of All Time Who Never Speak

The most memorable animated characters on the screen are often the ones who say nothing at all. These characters have quite vivid emotions and you could easily tell what is going on with them emotionally.

Sometimes the character doesn’t have the ability to speak, such as animals like Snoopy and Pluto and sometimes they aren’t given vocals at all.

Here’s a list of impressive non-speaking animated characters.

1. Mr. Bean

The Mr. Bean series was broadcasted in about all the countries across the world. There doesn’t seem to be a person across the globe who cannot understand or enjoy his character and antics. Mr. Bean’s character was influenced by Jacques Tatia’s Monsieur Hulot, the infamous French silent comedy star.

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2. Wall- E

Pixar’s garbage collecting robot has a modified Mac boot sound. His emotions and gestures were incredibly beautiful and made the character quite enjoyable.

Wall E
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3. Maggie Simpson

Despite her silent role, she has a distinct depth of character and is the main focus of a great number of episodes of The Simpsons. The baby often proves to be the most genius one in the family.

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4. Shaun the Sheep

Mischievous sheep ‘Shaun’ was silent as creators didn’t want to waste time in lip syncing and voice acting. And that resulted in a global hit of a dialogue-free character.

Image credits: Nerd Nation Magazine

5. Tom and Jerry

Silent comedy at its best. Their expressive faces and the physical quarrels are something that remains unmatched since decades.

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6. Magic Carpet

The most unique in the list is the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. It not only stays silent, but also doesn’t even have a face and still we get to know what it communicates with the Aladdin.

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7. Abu

Remember the monkey from Aladdin?

Abu loyally accompanies the thief-turned-prince throughout his adventures and is in constant fight with his counterpart, the carpet.

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Who are your favourite characters who never speaks? Let us know in the comments below.


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