Seven Things You Did Not Know About Hotel Transylvania 2

This weekend was all about Drac & his grandson, Dennis. Hotel Transylvania 2 released across the country. And we instantly fell in love with the red haired, mini monster Dennis. But while you smile back on the memories of this wonderful film, here are 7 things that you had absolutely no idea about.

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#1 Box office records

Hotel Transylvania 2 set a U.S. box office record! It brought in $47.5 million, which surpassed the collection made by the original Hotel Transylvania ($42.5 million) in 2012.

#2 Senior citizens of the animation world

Hotel Transylvania 2 takes place 7 years after the first movie. Drac is now 539, Mavis is 125 & Johnny 28. Talk about long life!

#3 2 years, 256 artists, 194 characters

That is exactly how you can sum up the making of this movie in one line. Hotel Transylvania 2 started production in September 2013, and was 2 years in production. 24 story artists, 23 visual development artists, 17 layout artists, 105 animators, and 87 lighting artists worked on the film. A total of 194 characters & 74 environments were created for this movie. Phew!

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#4 Meet Vampa (Vampire Grandpa, it’s obvious!)

The film introduces us to Drac’s father, Vlad. The production team initially thought Vlad should live in an old castle, a classic location right out of a vampire movie, before deciding to have him live in a cave instead to show how secluded he’s become. His head is shaped like a coffin, and the character was originally much darker & scarier. Once they brought Mel Brooks as the voice artist, his comedy lightened up the character.

P.S. Casting Brooks as Vlad was a homage to Dracula: Dead and Loving It, which Brooks directed in 1995, and also director Genndy Tartakovsky’s personal tribute to the comic legend who was an inspiration to Tartakovsky when he immigrated to America from Russia at age seven.

#5 Dennis gets a haircut

The latest entrant to the team of monsters is Dennis, Mavis & Johnny’s five year old son, and Drac’s grandson. He is not just a bundle of cuteness, but also the biggest question of the movie – is he a human or a vampire? Dennis was initially designed with giant curls of red hair. But when translated to computer animation, his hair was so big that it blocked the light in front of Dennis’ face. The final model had more than 265 individual strands. And once the computer filled in the rest, there were a grand total of 1, 50,000 hair.

Dennis gets a haircut

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#6 Talent runs in the family

6-year-old Asher Blinkoff was the voice of Dennis. He got the part through an open casting call. Coincidentally, Asher’s 10-year-old sister, Meira voiced a wolf pup in the first Hotel Transylvania, and is providing additional voices as wolf pups & kid monsters in the vampire camp in Hotel Transylvania 2. Filmmakers weren’t aware of this connection until after casting Asher.

Another family that has been involved with both the movies is that of Adam Sandler, the voice of Drac. His wife Jackie provided the voice of his on-screen wife Martha, and his daughters, Sadie & Sunny gave voices to the young Mavis, and the werewolf pups, respectively. In the second movie, Sadie is the voice for werewolf Winnie, and Sunny is the voice of baby Dennis & some of the vampire kids in the camp.

#7 Jack of all trades

In addition to voicing one of the main characters, Adam Sandler also co-wrote & co-produced this film.

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