Animated Couples That We Adore

With hundreds of animated movies out there, and many of them focusing on romance, it’s difficult to say who the best couple is. Most of the characters show us the values of friendship while some of them set examples for couple goals. Here are our choice for the most adorable animated couples.

Ellie and Carl

If the Pixar masterpiece Up didn’t tear you up then we don’t know what will. The montage scenes from the movie where Carl and Ellie save money for their dream house took audience on an emotional rollercoaster from playful fun to love to tragic loss. The movie taught us that in a good relationship, one person brings out the best in the other.

Image credits: ©Pixar Studios

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Their entire relationship stands out from other Disney love stories. They protect each other, they are as mischievous as one another, and they each sacrifice their own lives to save the other. It’s beautiful to watch how their love developed from an awkward introduction to being tangled forever.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Image credits: ©Disney Studios

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

“..And I’ll know he’s the one when he makes me laugh”, that’s what Minnie Mouse said when asked about her dream guy. It’s been decades since the inception of these two characters and till now their bond is strong as it was before. In one of the shorts Mickey says, “Got a sweetie, she’s my little Minnie Mouse.” Isn’t that sweet?

Image credits: ©Disney Studios

Shrek and Fiona

Shrek lived his life in isolation as he feels that the society thinks he’s too ugly to part of it. Fiona too spent her life in isolation, but she has faith that the part of her that makes her ugly will go away if someone truly loves her. This movie series taught us the most important fact about love: that people aren’t complete until someone else loves them!

Image credits: ©Dreamworks Animations

Wall-E and EVE

Wall-E is a beautiful tale of transcendental love and humanity told through robots. The way Wall-E and EVE showed emotions without words makes it the most artistically amazing movie Pixar has ever made. This movie showed us how WALL-E becomes the hero he can be by being true to himself.

Image credits: ©Pixar Studios

One shared lesson we learn from animated love stories is that no matter who you are, human or not, there is someone out there for everyone.

Who’s your favourite animated couple? Let us know in the comments below.

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